Welcome to Clear Choice.

The worlds first and foremost 100% all natural enzyme-based system that replaces the need for using any chemicals in your hot tub or swim spa.

Since 1996 Clear Choice has supplied tens of thousands of pool and hot tub owners throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK with one of the easiest, most efficient and and cost effective methods of keeping your hot tub clean and safe.

Clear Choice Pure Joy of it's use...
Clear Choice - Economical and Easy to Use...
Clear Choice - I can enjoy the tub all the time without worry...
This is the most WONDERFUL thing to happen 
to my spa.
Clear Choice - It's a rare treat to find a product that 
exceeds all expectations.
Clear Choice - Thank you so much for the Clear Choice 
water system. The system has made such a 
difference in our lives...

No more red burning eyes or dry itchy skin!

You and your family can now safely enjoy a healthy and inexpensive, completely chemical and toxin-free, enzyme-based solution for your hot tub and pool maintenance.

Contains natural enzymes derived from plant and mineral extracts.

Sound too good to be true? The natural enzyme formula in this product duplicates Mother Nature's ability to balance and thoroughly cleanse the water in your hot tub and spa, making it the ideal all-natural water treatment system for a crystal clear, clean-smelling soak or swim.

The Clear Choice water treatment solutions contain a full array of non-bacterial enzymes that can be found in a healthy body of natural water. This enzyme-based water treatment system breaks down organic waste to a smaller particles which enables faster natural bio-oxidation to take place. Clear Choice solutions also contain special agents to protect your pool and spa from metals and minerals that damage equipment and surfaces.

This, combined with filtration, aeration and circulation in the pool and spa, mimics the rhythms of a natural body of water and ensures that the system stays clean and healthy between bathers and swimmers.

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